Above: Inspiration from the Nerman Museum at Johnson County Community College

Above: My take on the inspiration, I loved the jewel tones of the feathers, and the almost ombre effect from the somewhat translucent pieces of feather. I was also inspired by the handle, with all of the straight lines, it inspired the tiny pleats/gathers in this mini collection! Also, you probably didn’t notice (I think I’m the only crazy one who will) but I have been working on switching up my style a bit (I’m really really realllllly fickle), and so these illustrations might seem a bit different then some others I have done in the past!


Illustration: marker, sharpie pen, white prismacolor colored pencil

The Costume Collection

Hey all, so incase you haven’t noticed, I’ve been doing a terrible job keeping up with the ole’ blog thingy…. life happens I suppose, but hopefully I am back on the wagon!! I wanted to share a few things with you all, first is a video from Fox 4 News about Johnson County Community Colleges open house this Friday, November 4th to celebrate our costume collection! this is a free event, so please feel free to come by and check it out! Also, at the end of the video, you might notice the invitation (featured above, which yours truly illustrated and designed!) enjoy!!

ps…. you may remember these illustrations from a previous post titled The Collection.

Just Bill and Christian

Nothing to lift your spirits like illustrating a 1940’s Christian Dior and a 1970’s Bill Blass…. I die. At first I was a little afraid of all the black in these 2 aaaahhhmaaazing outfits, but once I sketched it out… I was in love! These will will also be used for The Costume Collection gala in Novermber for Johnson County Community College! They are going to print them on note cards and give each guest a set of 5 as a gift.. isn’t that so adorable!

Hope you enjoy your daily fashion eye candy!!

Swimwear in the Fall?!

Let me just say, I am loving this chilly fall weather!!! I swear I wish it was like this everyday! so, on that note, here are some swimsuits haha…. this is a little project I finished last week, and although it’s not swimsuit weather here, I thought they were still fun to look at, enjoy!!!

Illustration: prismacolor markers and sharpie pen.

The Collection

Hello, bloggy world…. I was asked to illustrated these 3 pieces for an event at Johnson County Community College (where i attent school for fashion design), and I have been so excited about it!! The event is to celebrate the Fashion & Merchandising Departments costume collection, which consists of hundreds and hundreds of vintage garments (dating back to the 1800’s I believe!). Quite a few are even designer labels, such as the black and white number above is Dior!! These illustrations will be used on the invitation, which i will post a little later!! I felt so incredibly blessed to be asked to do this little project, considering I am just a student!!

From left to right: 1920’s unmarked dress. 1960’s Christian Dior dress and coat. 1950’s unmarked dress.