Inspiration Vacation: Seaside Pastels

I was totally feeling these lovely pastels, they make me think seaside, 195o’s and cupcakes!! Had to make it a bit more my taste though, so I added a nice charcoal grey to ground all those “fluffy” colors (yes I just made that up…wow). This weeks illustrations will center around the beach, pencil skirts, lace and pastels!! Hope you enjoy and feel inspired!!

Inspiration Vacation

WELCOME!!!  This is a new thing I have decided to start doing on a weekly basis… I call it  Inspiration Vacation!! Basically every week on the weekend (which is kind of a mini vacation) I will post some sort of concept or inspiration board (such as the one above), this board will usually have something to do with the next weeks illustration posts! these “boards” could range from an amazing illustration to a clothing style or even simply a chair with a crazy pattern that I am loving for that week!

As you can tell from above, I am really thinking about fall…alot, as in it’s pretty much all I can think about. Here is a look into my days thoughts– sweaters, hoodies, boots, pumpkin patch, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, fall leaves, the smell of a toasty fire, and more pumpkins. To sum it all up, I LOVE FALL! yep.  So this week you will see a few illustrations that make me think of fall, and hopefully the collection of stuff above gets you a little excited about that!

Whats your favorite thing about fall?