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A pink lady, perfume and field day

I did these two paintings a little while ago right after I got my brand new Winsor Newton watercolors + my new brushes… and let me tell you, it was heaven!! I normally only share one illustration per post, but not only am I way behind on getting these up. but I kind of love how they look together! Lately I have been trying a few new things that I am really excited about, and I cannot wait to share them on here! If you are as impatient as me you can see these new items already listed in my ETSY shop.

In other news, next week is Summer’s last day of preschool (although she will be in the summer program), and I am totally freaking out about her going into all day/everyday kindergarten in the fall! when did my baby turn into a big kid?! On the other hand, I am really excited for her last day of school because I am working on awesome gifts for her teachers and I can’t wait for the kids to bring their field day t-shirts (which I spent my entire last Thursday night making on a whim) to sign and get a whole group photo! and I can’t wait to hear all of the cute awards that the teachers are giving out to the students… I am just really, truly so proud of Summer and how well she handled being thrown into a new class towards the end of the year. She has made so many wonderful friends that will carry through to kindergarten, and she has been learning so much, and I look forward to picking her up every day so that I can hear all of the wonderful experiences and new things she has learned. It blows my mind how much I love this girl, I cannot imagine anything greater.  Watching her at field day, I was blown away with her compassion and kindness towards her friends, and her passion to do her best. In fact, she won a special purple ribbon; the only one in her class, for the fact that she was always cheering for her friends even when it was not her turn.

first ribbon of the day!!

she jumped so high! I couldn’t believe it!

Also, I am interested to know do you enjoy when I share about life outside of illustration, or do you prefer my strictly art posts? I would love to hear your opinion!

I miss fashion Illustration

I realized the other day how much I had been missing my fashion illustrations, with their long legs, similar features, out of proportion bodies and of course my prismacolor markers…. I love them! So I did these…an illustration of a few beautiful girls dressed in Cacharel!

this is up for sale in my Etsy Shop, so feel free to check it out and get these lovely ladies for your home!!

what do you think of the markers? do you prefer this style or the watercolors? I love to hear what you all think!!

Spring Has Sprung

With Easter and all of the beautiful flowers and trees blooming around us here in wonderful Colorado, I have definitely got spring on the brain! This little lady above; inspired by this photograph by Tim Walker, seemed like the perfect way to welcome this perfect season!

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On a side note, I simply have to share a few shots from our perfect Easter Sunday!!

We had the most wonderful day, and I hope you did as well!

p.s… that glitter egg was a surprise egg that the Easter Bunny made while Summer slept, she was very pleasantly surprised!

Now You’re in the World

I have been on such an Ellie Goulding kick lately, and while I know this song (“Your Song”) was originally done by Elton John, I cannot help but be in love with the cover done by the very beautiful and talented Ellie Goulding! These words just speak so much to me and to my overwhelming love for my daughter and my husband, that I simply had to paint them.

This is also available as an 8×10 print in my etsy shop, so head on over and pick one up!


drum roll please…….. You can finally visit my Etsy account!

Right now I only have up the print I posted last night, and it’s available for only $15 plus shipping!!

I am really excited about this, and will have a listing up for custom artwork soon!

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