This is the story of a mother, wife, artist and colorado transplant who is sometimes always forgetful and forever procrastinating…..

As a child I grew up surrounded by an artistic family, my mother has always painted, and is incredibly talented. I remember always being jealous of how realistic and detailed her work was, and because of that I never let myself feel good enough. When I began college I debated on taking courses in fine art, but for fun I decided to take a course in fashion illustration. It was love at first… err… drawing. I was completely hooked,  and it was then that I decided to pursue my associates degree in fashion design. With illustration, I have found a form of art that makes me truly happy, when I finish a piece I feel satisfied and truly happy with the final product (of course there are the exceptions…. many, MANY exceptions). But it feels wonderful to finally know what it feels like to love what you do!

Now, as much as I love Illustration, it comes second… no wait third, maybe fourth…. you see I am a mother, wife, student and a homemaker (errr well amateur homemaker, lets just say I’m not going pro any time soon). Either way, being a mother to my beautiful and energetic daughter; Summer Eden and a wife to my wonderful husband will always come first and so I usually find myself illustrating late at night when there is no demanding 4 year old princess requesting to use my paints and my not so cheap paper! This is also the reason I may sneak in some posts about our everyday life; for example lots of pictures of Summer and our everyday antics. To make things more interesting, we just uprooted our family from Overland Park, Kansas to Littleton, Colorado… and although it’s been crazy, we love it here, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

I hope you enjoy what you find, or maybe you will find yourself inspired to do what makes you happy as well!



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