Fall Fashionista



Hello again! it’s wednesday and another beautiful day here in good old Kansas, but alas I am stuck in class almost all day…super ugh, but hopefully me and my munchkin can find some time for the park when I’m done!

 I finished this illustration about 2 days ago and am loving her little cape and the talltalltall lavender socks!! on a side note, I had so much fun doing this illustration.. I am so used to only illustrating things I am considering making, that I forgot how good it feels to just let go and not worry about what my sewing skill level is or how is that actually going to work? with this illustration I think I finally was able to just have fun with it and draw an outfit on a whim! and it turned out just how I imagined if not better! 

ps: my doggy baby lilly is getting spayed tomorrow morning! I hope everything goes smoothly… wish us luck!

What do you think of the cape, would you wear it??

illustration: prismacolor marker and sharpie pen

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