The Concrete Catwalk


This is an illustration I did a while back of the lovely Jessie Artigue from The Concrete Catwalk. I love love love her style and am always inspired by her color and pattern combinations! This beachy pic was perfect for watercolor, and I had a blast doing it!

Below is the original photograph, isn’t she just lovely?! if you haven’t checked out her blog, I encourage you to go go go see the wonderfulness!!! she also has an aaaahmazing vintage store called style & pepper (cute name right?!?).

Do you have a favorite fashion blog?! I would love to here from all of you about where you go for styling inspiration!!

2 thoughts on “The Concrete Catwalk

  1. what? what? and WHAT?! ohmygoodness, i’m SO flattered and honored and touched that you would take the time to do this! what an amazing artiste you are!!! can i post this on TCC? you’re the best!

    • ooh goodness you are too kind!!!! thank you, i am so glad you like it! and yes of course you can post it! ps… i have another one i did from your sight i will post as soon as i get it scanned in! I get a ton of ideas and inspiration from your site, so I hope its ok if I do illustrations of you from time to time haha 🙂

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