Somewhere Across the Horizon

So, I have been having a serious lack of inspiration/motivation over the past few days. I think I may have started about 4 illustrations, only to get about half way in and realize… ew no! So this morning I finally felt a bit more up to the task and I got one done (YAAAYY!!). I used my inspiration vacation¬†post entitled “seaside pastels & charcoal grey” to get me going, but somehow ended up with what appears to be a Grecian inspired look… but I do have to say, I really like it!! I dunno, I kinda feel like the true colors didn’t really transfer through the scan, which always bums me out ūüė¶

Hope you enjoy!!

Inspiration Vacation: Seaside Pastels

I was totally feeling these lovely pastels, they make me think seaside, 195o’s and cupcakes!! Had to make it a bit more my taste though, so I added a nice charcoal grey to ground all those “fluffy” colors (yes I just made that up…wow). This weeks illustrations will center around the beach, pencil skirts, lace and pastels!! Hope you enjoy and feel inspired!!

Tween Style

Ok! so I am taking a little break from this weeks Fall for Shopping theme, to bring you a little something different! These are 3 illustrations I did for a project where we had to draw a different body type (i.e. men, baby, kid, tween, junior, maternity). ¬†I chose to try my had at a tween style illustration, annnnd this is what I came up with…. the first image is my concept board for the three drawings above…they are a little springy but I love the colors even for fall!!

Hope you enjoy!!

illustration: watercolor, sharpie pen and some prismacolor marker

Fall Fashionista



Hello again! it’s wednesday and another beautiful day here in good old Kansas, but alas I am stuck in class almost all day…super ugh, but hopefully me and my munchkin can find some time for the park when I’m done!

 I finished this illustration about 2 days ago and am loving her little cape and the talltalltall lavender socks!! on a side note, I had so much fun doing this illustration.. I am so used to only illustrating things I am considering making, that I forgot how good it feels to just let go and not worry about what my sewing skill level is or how is that actually going to work? with this illustration I think I finally was able to just have fun with it and draw an outfit on a whim! and it turned out just how I imagined if not better! 

ps: my doggy baby lilly is getting spayed tomorrow morning! I hope everything goes smoothly… wish us luck!

What do you think of the cape, would you wear it??

illustration: prismacolor marker and sharpie pen

Sweaters and denim and scarves, Oh my!

Ok, so it’s monday and most of us are unfortunately¬†back to the usual grind of things…. for me that means school, school and more school! On a happier note, I have finished my first of what I am dubbing my fall into shopping series (clever, I know).

Anways, what you see above is the first illustration I have finished based around that concept board I posted over the weekend.

I hope these fall colors and lovely shopping bags brighten your day and get you excited for this new season!!

Do you have a must have fall staple? I would love to hear about it if you do!!

Inspiration Vacation

WELCOME!!! ¬†This is a new thing I have decided to start doing on a weekly basis… I call it ¬†Inspiration Vacation!! Basically every week on the weekend (which is kind of a mini vacation) I will post some sort of concept or inspiration board (such as the one above), this board will usually have something to do with the next weeks illustration posts! these “boards” could range from an amazing illustration to a clothing style or even simply a chair with a crazy pattern that I am loving for that week!

As you can tell from above, I am really thinking about fall…alot, as in it’s pretty much all I can think about. Here is a look into my days thoughts– sweaters, hoodies, boots, pumpkin patch, pumpkin pie, pumpkin cheesecake, fall leaves, the smell of a toasty fire, and more pumpkins. To sum it all up, I LOVE FALL! yep. ¬†So this week you will see a few illustrations that make me think of fall, and hopefully the collection of stuff above gets you a little excited about that!

Whats your favorite thing about fall?

Swimwear in the Fall?!

Let me just say, I am loving this chilly fall weather!!! I swear I wish it was like this everyday! so, on that note, here are some swimsuits haha…. this is a little project I finished last week, and although it’s not swimsuit weather here, I thought they were still fun to look at, enjoy!!!

Illustration: prismacolor markers and sharpie pen.

The Concrete Catwalk


This is an illustration I did a while back of the lovely Jessie Artigue from The Concrete Catwalk. I love love love her style and am always inspired by her color and pattern combinations! This beachy pic was perfect for watercolor, and I had a blast doing it!

Below is the original photograph, isn’t she just lovely?! if you haven’t checked out her blog, I encourage you to go go go see the¬†wonderfulness!!! she also has an aaaahmazing vintage store called style & pepper (cute name right?!?).

Do you have a favorite fashion blog?! I would love to here from all of you about where you go for styling inspiration!!

The Collection

Hello, bloggy world…. I was asked to¬†illustrated¬†these 3 pieces for an event at Johnson County Community College (where i attent school for fashion design), and I have been so excited about it!! The event is to celebrate the Fashion & Merchandising Departments costume collection, which consists of hundreds and hundreds of vintage garments (dating back to the 1800’s I believe!). Quite a few are even designer labels, such as the black and white number above is Dior!! These illustrations will be used on the invitation, which i will post a little later!! I felt so incredibly blessed to be asked to do this little project, considering I am just a student!!

From left to right: 1920’s unmarked dress. 1960’s Christian Dior dress and coat. 1950’s unmarked dress.